What we're working on

Upcoming data standards

These are the planning areas we're looking at right now, and the ones we plan to work on next.

For each planning area we will determine whether a data standard has the potential to unlock value in the planning system. If it does, we will draft a data standard to test with publishers.

We regularly ask our community to help us decide the things we need to work on and tell us what they need from the data. Read our x to see how you can contribute.

Working on now

If you'd like to help us explore and shape these standards, join the conversation to see what needs to figure out.

Development plans and timetables
The status of emerging local plans for local planning authorities
Discuss Development plans and timetables
Gypsy, Roma & traveller sites
An area of land where gypsy, Roma and traveller communities live which may be owned and managed privately or by the council
Discuss Gypsy, Roma & traveller sites
Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP)
Major infrastructure projects such as new harbours, roads, power generating stations (including offshore wind farms) and electricity transmission lines, which require a type of consent known as ‘development consent’
Planning applications & decisions
Records of applications for development and the associated decisions
Discuss Planning applications & decisions
Planning conditions (Article 3 directions)
Discuss Planning conditions (Article 3 directions)


If you'd like to help us understand the data needs for these planning areas, join the conversation to see what we trying to find out.

Flood risk zones 3b
Discuss Flood risk zones 3b
Land registry polygons / red line boundaries
The indicative shapes and positions of each boundary of registered titles for land and property
Discuss Land registry polygons / red line boundaries
Local nature reserves
A protected area of land designated by a local authority because of its special natural interest or educational value
Discuss Local nature reserves
National nature reserves
Areas where wildlife, plants and animals are protected to allow them to thrive
Discuss National nature reserves

Next priorities

We believe these planning areas we should look at next and we'd like your input to help us understand the space. We are particularly interested to here about the data used or produced, who needs to use it and what do they want to do with it.

Design codes
Geographical areas covered by a design code
Discuss Design codes
Local flood data
Local wildlife sites
Areas of land that are especially important for their local wildlife
Locally listed buildings
A building recognised by the local authority (but not nationally) as having local importance due to its architectural, historical or environmental significance
Sites of importance for nature conservation
Defined areas identified and selected for their nature conservation value

See our full backlog of planning considerations.