National dataset

Brownfield Land

Brownfield land sites collected from local planning authorities.

The data is collected from the 342 organisations who publish brownfield land data. Once collected the data is processed to fix common issues and collated into a national dataset.

About the data

There are 28,267 records and 21 fields in this dataset.

The total number of records is made up of 26,403 active and 1,864 historical records.

What are active and historical records?

Records with a data in the end-date field are considered to be historical. It is a principle of registers that records should not be removed from the dataset, instead an end-date should be added to indicating the day the record become historical.

Active records are all the records without an end-date.

Preview of 5 records

Table with a preview of 5 records from the national brownfield land dataset
entry-date organisation site site-address site-plan-url deliverable ownership planning-permission-status planning-permission-type hazardous-substances latitude longitude hectares minimum-net-dwellings maximum-net-dwellings start-date end-date notes resource
2020-11-16 local-authority-eng:BNE 19/0859/OUT Colindale Station Colindale Avenue NW9 5HR permissioned 0.76 303.0 303.0 2020-11-16
2020-11-16 local-authority-eng:BNE 19/1049/FUL 100 Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware, HA8 0BE permissioned 0.28 100.0 100.0 2020-11-16
2020-11-16 local-authority-eng:BNE 19/1950/FUL 70-84 and Land R/O Oakleigh Road North, N20 9EZ permissioned 0.8 107.0 107.0 2020-11-16
2020-11-16 local-authority-eng:BNE 19/2079/FUL Former Police Station 193-195 Ballards Lane N3 1LZ permissioned 0.19 41.0 41.0 2020-11-16
2020-11-16 local-authority-eng:BNE 19/2657/FUL Colesworth House, Crokesley House, Curtlington House, Clare House and Kedyngton House, Burnt Oak Broadway, HA8 permissioned 0.78 18.0 18.0 2020-11-16
Warning This data may include duplicate records.

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