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Publish your developer contributions data

The community infrastructure levy (CIL) regulations and National Planning Policy Framework require all local planning authorities to publish their developer contributions data on a regular basis and in an agreed format.

Local planning authorities that have received developer contributions must publish, at least annually, an infrastructure funding statement summarising their developer contributions data. This guidance sets out the data format and approach that you should follow when publishing your data and infrastructure funding statements.

The data format and infrastructure funding statements will give policy makers better insights into how developer contributions are supporting new development and local infrastructure. We have designed the data format to cause as little disruption as possible to existing processes.

Please share your feedback on this guidance by filling out our feedback form or by commenting on our GitHub issues discussion board.

Make your data findable, useable and trustworthy

Developer contributions include section 106 planning obligations, CIL, section 278 agreements and any agreements that either secure funding towards new development, or provide infrastructure as part of any new development. The data on these has a wide range of current and potential uses, including:

  • planning land and housing development
  • creating new digital services
  • giving community members insight into local development and how they can influence it

But for data to be useful it must be easy to find, use, understand and trust. Local planning authorities should ensure that their developer contributions data is all of these by following this specification for how to format, label and publish it. The following guidance gives a high-level overview of the data format and the publication process.

We have also built a test version of a developer contributions dashboard. This is not a live service, but simply a prototype we developed to explore ways the data could be used.

Local authorities should continue to publish section 106 agreements on the planning register. Publishing your developer contributions data in this format will help you fill out your infrastructure funding statement, but does not replace that requirement.

Publishing developer contributions: 3 steps

Planning authorities must publish their developer contributions once a year but are encouraged to do so as frequently as they can so that datasets are up to date. (Those publishing with third-party software that can semi-automate the process might be able to publish in near real-time, while those publishing manually might choose to only publish quarterly.)

This guidance applies to the publication of developer contributions data going forward – you are not required to republish historical data so that it complies with this guidance.

Publishing is a 3 step process:

  1. Create 3 developer contribution CSV files to store the data
  2. Upload each of these files to your organisation’s website and give them a persistent URL, then clearly link to them from your developer contributions web page
  3. Update the national register of developer contributions on the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) website

You may not be able or authorised to complete all steps. Each step identifies the skills and authority required to complete it.