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Compulsory purchase orders

A compulsory purchase order (CPO) is a tool that can be used by certain bodies to authorise the acquisition of land and property. Its use can help make possible a wide range of development, regeneration and infrastructure projects, where there is a compelling case in the public interest.

The Secretary of State is responsible for taking decisions on the approval of CPOs. There is currently no central, publicly accessible register of these decisions or how they were arrived at. As part of its commitment to create one, the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government is working to design a data format for publishing its CPO data so that it’s easy to find, use and trust.

Upcoming areas of investigation

We plan to explore the following by prototyping tools and by testing and consulting with people involved with developer contributions, and responding to your feedback.

We will regularly add updates to the following issues on GitHub:


11 July 2019

We met with colleagues from the Knowledge and Information Management team to understand the steps we need to take to publish decision letters and inspector reports.

10 July 2019

Members of the team attended the Compulsory Purchase Association National Conference.

07 July 2019

We’ve collected CPO data from the current case management system. Using a combination of historic and current data we’re now defining a schema for the register that can be easily maintained.

02 July 2019

Paul created a script which extracted the key information from the formatted MS Excel report and translated into a .csv file. From this we’ve been able to start modeling how the register may work.

27 June 2019

We re-visited the team in Birmingham with a goal of extracting historic CPO data from the legacy system. It was a successful trip, although the limitations of the system meant that the reports were only available in a formatted MS Excel file.

19 June 2019

We met with the planning caseworker team in Birmingham to understand more about the existing and legacy systems used to manage CPOs. We explored what data is entered and how we can extract the data with a view of making it publicly available.

28 May 2019

We met with colleagues from the compulsory purchase orders policy team, the planning inspectorate and planning casework unit to understand more about the process of raising a CPO, and to explore the opportunities of opening up their data.

Spring 2019

We are planning a discovery workshop with the policy team, Planning Inspectorate and the Planning Caseworker Unit to identify user needs and agree next steps.

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