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Infrastructure funding statement

From December 2020, local authorities must publish an infrastructure funding statement. It is anticipated that the statement will be produced using published developer contribution data alongside some supplementary information.

Current areas of investigation

The following areas of investigation explore how the data could be used and made easier to work with:

In progress

How will the infrastructure funding statement be produced?

Questions we’re asking

Each year local planning authorities will have to publish an infrastructure funding statement. This report will use data that has been published throughout the year (using our guidance) to give an annual summary.

Working with local planning authorities we would like to test the content and design of the report, as well as testing a way of building and publishing the report.

What we will test

  • we have designed some very early mock-ups linked to from our GitHub issue

Upcoming areas of investigation

We plan to explore the following by prototyping tools and by testing and consulting with people involved with producing and using infrastructure funding statements, and responding to your feedback.

We will regularly add updates to the following issues on GitHub:


4 September 2019

We met with the Planning Officer Society’s CIL working group to share our early thinking about how the infrastructure funding statement may be produced.

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