This is a prototype.

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Digital Land Explorer

We will continue to develop our explorer to better understand data which is available and demonstrate to others how to consume collected data.

July 2018

  • display metadata for each publication/dataset
  • users can exlore individual datasets
    • all data shown on map
    • user can inspect a point or polygon to see properties
  • lazy loading and clustering added so that users can explore larger datasets

June 2018

  • added functionality to find all data we have collected that is related to a user provided address or point
  • add basic search to lists of publications and local authorities

May 2018

  • created a prototype to allow users to view all the datasets related to land that we have been able to find
  • created a data model for published land data
  • list of all publications
  • list of publications by local authority
  • geojson data displayed on maps