Weeknote — 2018-09-28

This week at Digital Land

Over the past week the team have been looking at the following things:

Section 106 and Viability Assessments

We’ve been working closely with the Planning Policy Team and Local Planning Authorities to understand their needs around Section 106 and Viability Assessment data. We’ve learnt that although the NPPF encourages Local Authorities to publish this information the appetite to do so varies between each authority.

To help us learn more about what is needed we’ve built a couple of prototypes that collects and publishes the pertinent information. Our next step is to test this with Local Authorities.

Brownfield Site Validator

We’ve picked up on Brownfield Site Validator from a few months ago and added some enhancements to summarise the errors and warnings that have been found on each data set. Over the next week we’ll continue to work on this, and look at how we can automatically apply any quick fixes to improve the data set.

Document our findings

We’ve begun to document our findings, this includes learnings from discovery as well as some of the tools we’ve been taking into alpha. We’ll continue to create more content on the site, and build a homepage that describes what the team is doing