Weeknote — 2018-10-05

This week at Digital Land

We did some further work on the brownfield site validator, this was demoed by Adam in the show and tell on Thursday 4th. We also continued to add content to the Digital Land website, and begun to think about the future information architecture of the site.

We had a very interesting meeting with the Open Data Institute where we talked and demoed our respective work. There are definitely some shared goals between them and us, so over the coming weeks we plan to have a more detailed workshop to agree areas of reuse, and how we can work together.

Paul met Dacorum Borough Council they are interested in what we’re doing, and we hope to work with them to help test our alphas.

Paul also was invited to participate on a panel on “how data can change a marketplace” at the annual Ofgem conference

A joint show and tell with the Local Digital Team. We demonstrated the updates to the brownfield site validation tool and gave an overview of the proposed information architecture of the digital land website

content plan for website - on post-it notes