Weeknote — 2018-10-19

This week at Digital Land

The team visited the excellent Living with Buildings exhibition ahead of retrospective and roadmapping sessions in Camden. We were particularly surprised by the invective Charles Booth used on his poverty maps.

Living with buildings exhibition at the Wellcome Collection

Following a meeting with one of the brownfield policy team we’ve done some further work on the validator to plot the results of the validated data onto a map. There’s a bit more work we can do, but it’s something that we’re eager to take out and test.

We meet with Leigh Dodds from the Open Data Institute (ODI) and ran a workshop to map out the relationship of people, documents and data within the planning ecosystem. It was a useful exercise and helped us think about connects between people/task and data from a different angle.

We showed some progress on the digital land website site, including adding events and blog posts pages. Colm and Adam demonstrated an experimental map of validation results.