Weeknote — 2018-12-14

This week at Digital Land

In advance of the public consultation for developer contributions the team have been thinking about how we’ll manage questions and feedback in an open and transparent fashion. We’ve decided to try using GitHub issues – it provides us with a place where we can document all our feedback, have conversations in the open, and record any design decisions that are made. We haven’t publicised this approach, but we’re already getting feedback from members of the community about what we’re doing.

Having worked through a couple of projects we’re getting a better understanding of what the architecture for the services we’ll be taking into beta will look like. We had a whiteboard session to try and draw this out and will turn this into a more articulate vision on our website.

This week we also had the whole team was in the same location at the same time! We used this as an opportunity to do a bit of a retrospective, a ways of working exercise, and talk about what we’re planning to do over the next few months.