Weeknote — 2018-12-21

This week at Digital Land

This week the developer contributions public consultation went live. We don’t anticipate a huge flurry of activity over the holiday period, but we have already seen some comments and questions being added to the our GitHub issues – we’ll be monitoring these closely and keeping the conversation going.

Also related to developer contributions, we visited Mid Suffolk and Babergh to talk with them about the data format we are proposing. It was very useful to hear how they are currently managing their Section 106 and CIL agreements, and are committed to making everything as open and transparent as possible. Also in the meeting were Exacom, one of the 3rd parties who specialise in developer contributions, we’re working with them to test whether it’s possible to get an extract of data from Exacom that meets our data format. We hope to progress this over the Christmas period.

In Suffolk

Earlier in the week Paul and Rebecca headed to Brent Council to start some user research into the needs of data from local plans. On the back of this visit we’re going to be looking at their FOIs for local plan information, this will help give us an indication of which data we may need to prioritise.

On Thursday the team held our design crit at New London Architecture, here we also took the opportunity to see the New London Model exhibition. It’s quite inspiring, and we highly recommend you try and take a look for yourself!

Team visit to The New London Model. It's epic.