Weeknote — 2019-01-25

This week at Digital Land

This week the team worked on preparing for the three workshops we are holding next week on developer contributions, to test the data standard with users and get feedback. We are also preparing for two user research workshops on local plans, one with internal MHCLG policy users and one with external users, to better understand the user needs and problems that need to be solved.

Emily from MySociety hotdesked with our team on Monday, and will be doing so one day a week from now on. She’s written a blog post about the project kickoff for the central register of planning applications project.

We’re keen to have MySociety - and others we are working with - participate in our fortnightly show and tells, and will making this happen more regularly in the coming months. We are talking to a lot of external stakeholders at the moment about how we can work together. This week we met with Arup and with the CEO and Chairman of New London Architecture.