Weeknote — 2019-05-24

This week at Digital Land

It’s been a big week for the team as digital services and policy have merged! Ed Culliney and new recruit Natalie Record have joined the team, marking the official joining of Digital Land services with policy – the ultimate multidisciplinary team.

Ed, Natalie, Christine and Emily also attended a GDS academy course on agile training for teams. The training was brilliant, involving kanban board games, lean races, and exercises in scrum ways of working. We’re looking forward to applying our learning in the coming weeks.

Paul D presented our vision at the Future City Catapult event, meeting new people from across the industry. Back in the office, Jake and Adam (developers) have been working on some exciting website plans, researching a new CMS which allows everyone in the team to easily publish and maintain content.

Paul B (user researcher) spoke with a council who are collaborating with other neighbouring councils on a Joint Strategic Plan. Paul B and Helena (service designer) also ran a workshop with teams from MHCLG’s housing directorate to understand their needs from local plans. The meeting confirmed some of the initial findings and also shed new light on how the status of local plans is important to different parts of the organisation.