Weeknote — 2019-07-05

This week at Digital Land

This week the Digital Land team made good progress on several projects, even with most of the team at an away day on Thursday.

We started work on a register for Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) data that we plan to publish in the next month or so. We based this on data we extracted from one of the legacy systems MHCLG use to manage CPOs. The data required some tidying up to make it consistent and (potentially) machine-readable.

Jake, Adam and Colm concentrated on iterating the brownfield sites validator and status tool, which now displays a row-by-row breakdown of any errors the validator picks up. Christine and Adam spent time investigating how to best build a prototype tool for editing a developer contributions central register.

We’re also working on the data policy for the energy performance of buildings (EPB) project, which now has a project page on the Digital Land website. Emily, Michael and Jake have been further iterating the website content, including a revamped weeknotes page and local plans project page.

Paul D meanwhile focused on meeting stakeholders – including a trip with Natalie to Number 10.

Paul and Natalie outside 10 Downing Street