Weeknote — 2019-08-16

This week at Digital Land

The week we've been working on a flow diagram that shows how data for developer contributions will be collected, stored and used to produce the dashboard and infrastructure funding statement.

Plan X also came in to show us what they've been working on, as they're planning on going into a beta phase with Southwark in the near future. We're really interested in what they're doing and we're keen to see how we can work together.

Meeting with Plan X

Lorna kicked off the user research for Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs), for which she'll be speaking to people from law firms, the PropTech sector and acquiring authorities.

Adam and Colm have started work on a prototype using real CPO data collected by the CPO policy team.

Jess has been making introductions for two new initiatives in the wider PropTech ecosystem, and continuing to meet with a variety of companies including VU.CITY this week.

Helena has been working on Digital Land's overall design process to sharpen up the outcomes of the discovery and alpha phases for all our projects. She is also starting to shape with Lorna some of the future work and hypotheses to test for the overall design process.

Thanks to Paul D for the photo with Plan X visiting!