Our users

Land and housing data has many users. We’re working with 3 core groups to improve the data for everyone.

Local government

We’re working to make it easier for you to publish land and housing data to comply with government legislation.


We can help you improve the value of the data you work with, which will in turn help improve policy outcomes.


Do you use land and housing data to develop digital services or products? We can help you find the data you need.

Our projects

Find out about the land and housing problems we’re exploring. If you’re involved in any of these, please join the conversation on our issues pages.

  • Brownfield sites beta

    We’re exploring digital tools that could help local planning authorities collect and maintain brownfield site data.

  • Developer contributions beta

    Help us develop a common data format that local planning authorities can use to publish their developer contributions data.

  • Compulsory purchase orders alpha

    We want to investigate ways to make data from these Secretary of State-level decisions available.

  • Energy performance of buildings alpha

    The EPB team are building a service to help users easily find an energy certificate or assessor, and we’ve also been working to open up the data held in EPCs.

  • Local plans alpha

    We’re working with local planning authorities to design an improved format for publishing local plan data so that it’s easy to find, use and trust.

  • Single register of planning alpha

    We're working with mySociety to make planning application data more trustworthy and up to date, as well as easier to find and use.

  • Golden thread of building information investigation

    We will work with the Building Safety Programme to understand what a ‘digital record’ for buildings might look like, and how the data could be collected and made available.

  • Housing numbers investigation

    We’re collecting and publishing the number of houses each authority has committed to build as a way to explore how we can find and use data from local plans.

  • Unused properties investigation

    We’re working with the Cities and Local Growth unit to investigate the best way to collect and publish data on unused properties.



Definitions for frequently used terms in housing and planning.


Guidance on complying with data requirements.


Updates and details on our project work, events and more.