Development plans (formerly Local plans)
in progress

We collect and publish data on planning policies and decisions. One of the main areas we are exploring is development plans. Development plans are documents that contain policies related to planning and development. These can be local plans, neighbourhood plans, area action plans or waste plans.

These documents are a rich source of information. For example, a local plan sets out all local planning policies and decisions for authorities. It identifies how land is used, decides what will be built where and is used to determine all local planning decisions. Every local planning authority is required to update its local plan every 5 years.


  1. Renamed Local plans to Development plans

    2021-01-17 decision

    In the process of investigating Local plans we kept coming across a suite of documents that local authorities referred to as development plan documents. We decided we should rename the project to Development plans to better reflect what we were finding.

  2. Consolidated needs

    2020-06-06 update

    We gathered together all the local plan related needs from the discovery, alpha and any others.

  3. DXW completed alpha

    2020-05-07 update

    DXW have published the final alpha report.

  4. Completed discovery

    2019-08-08 update

    Completed a discovery into local plans. Read the write up of the discovery.

  5. Started