21 May 2021

It’s been a busy few weeks at Digital Land during the pre-election period. We’ve been preparing the local plan pathfinders project, revisiting our project and product pages on the site and setting up a view-model for our data. Alongside this, we are continuing to feed into PropTech and policy, as well as evolving how we communicate with our users.

19 February 2021

We continued work on Article 4 directions, exploring better ways of giving feedback to people publishing data, collaborated on improving digital planning notices, made a prototype roadmap for our website, and had a spike on our map.

05 February 2021

This was a busy sprint for the whole team. Amongst other things, we made some great progress working with Buckinghamshire Council to publish a page per development plan document on our site

10 November 2020

The main focus for this sprint has been around building a way to collect conservation areas and speaking with local planning authorities to help test our local plans schema.

21 October 2020

A lot has happened over the last few weeks, including a roundtable with Minister Pincher, lots of work on the platform and website, Kishan joining the team, and Emily and Natalie leaving.

25 August 2020

This sprint we’ve listed datasets we want to standardise, researched with more local authorities about their local plan making process, and added a cookie banner to our website.

30 June 2020

This sprint we’ve built on our roadmap, published the learnings from the local plans alpha, and had lots of involvement in the PropTech world.

17 June 2020

We’re back! After supporting the department’s Covid-19 response, we’re working on Digital Land projects once again and we’ve hit the ground running in this first sprint.

07 May 2020

This week we finished our second sprint where we explored what a national picture of plan making could look like, and started our final sprint where we are focussing on how and when local planning authorities should submit their data.

17 April 2020

We’ve had a busy start to the project, building up our domain knowledge in a complex area and designing and testing a prototype to get feedback from local authority users.

13 March 2020

A lot has happened over the last 3 weeks, including choosing a supplier for the local plans alpha, emailing 499 people in local planning authorities, and having the brownfield land map announced as part of the housing Budget.

21 February 2020

This sprint we’ve made great progress across projects, including working on IFS calculations, creating new pages for brownfield land data, and iterating the GOV.

01 November 2019

We updated the guidance on GOV.UK for publishing brownfield land registers, improved the data pages on this site, and published discovery reports for the local plans, and the single register of planning projects.

27 September 2019

With some of the team still seconded to another project, and a few of the team taking well deserved holidays we were fairly light on people in the office this week.

23 August 2019

It's August, and some of the team have been seconded to lend their digital skills to another project in the department, but it's still been quite a busy week for those of us left in the office.

28 June 2019

It’s been an exciting week! On Tuesday we found out that the Find an Energy Certificate or Assessor alpha, which Jake and Emily worked on, has passed the GDS assessment and can move onto beta.

14 June 2019

This week, we spent Tuesday and Wednesday together at our Team Away days. We kicked off with a team retrospective, which led to discussions around building further relationships with policy teams and how to improve the delivery of products we're working on.

24 May 2019

It’s been a big week for the team as digital services and policy have merged! Ed Culliney and new recruit Natalie Record have joined the team, marking the official joining of Digital Land services with policy – the ultimate multidisciplinary team.

14 December 2018

In advance of the public consultation for developer contributions the team have been thinking about how we’ll manage questions and feedback in an open and transparent fashion.

23 November 2018

On Tuesday Paul joined a panel at the ODI summit to talk about how local governments can take advantage of the opportunities created by data to improve public services and better serve communities.

27 July 2018

This week the Digital Land Services team ran their first show and tell where we talked about some of our findings from discovery, and demoed an early view of the ‘brownfield sites validator’ tool.