This is a prototype.

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If you work in ‘PropTech’, ‘PlanTech’ or another emergent industry using land and housing data to develop innovative services and products for the marketplace, we’re working to help give you better access to quality data.

Our offer to PropTech companies

Have a look at the data platform we’re building. It will include:

  • a digital land explorer that maps a wide range of land and housing data to geographical coordinates
  • a data maturity model that can be used to assess the quality of an existing dataset

We’ve also created a data collector prototype that’s used to populate the explorer and to assess the state of published land and housing data. The collector maintains an index that:

  • summarises land and housing concern data for different local authorities
  • makes that data mappable
  • provides a link to the live dataset on the local planning authority’s website

Take a look at these tools and let us know how we can improve them by joining the discussion on our GitHub issues pages.