Developer contributions

Purpose IDs

From one of the lists below, choose the most relevant primary purpose for the contribution. Copy and paste the ID from the below ID column, into your CSV file.

If you have questions about which purpose best applies to the contribution, please email

This list will be kept up to date by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Intended purpose ID
CIL administration costs cil-administration-costs
Community infrastructure levy community-infrastructure-levy
Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy mayoral-community-infrastructure-levy
Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy neighbourhood-community-infrastructure-levy

Section 106

Intended purpose ID
Affordable housing affordable-housing
Bonds bonds
Community facilities community-facilities
Digital infrastructure digital-infrastructure
Economic development economic-development
Education education
Flood and water management flood-and-water-management
Green infrastructure green-infrastructure
Health health
Highways highways
Land land
Monitoring fees monitoring-fees
Open space and leisure open-space-and-leisure
Other other
Transport and travel transport-and-travel