Weeknote — 2019-05-10

This week at Digital Land

Local plans

This week, Paul (Bermudez) and Helena have been busy working on the tail end of the Local Plans discovery. Their primary focus has been to analyse the insights that they've gathered so far ahead of an internal steering group next week.

On another aspect of Local Plans, the housing numbers, our colleagues on the policy team have collected housing numbers from local plans. The vast majority of Local Planning Authorities have now been accounted for, and Colm and Adam are helping to make some changes to how we capture data for joint plans.

Developer contributions

Following the developer contributions workshops and lab testing the team have been analysing the feedback to identify areas where we can make improvements. Emily and Michael have made a number of changes to the guidance which we hope will address some of the problem areas that we identified.

Our service

Paul (Downey) has been working on some story mapping which forms a road map for the service. From this, Jake has been revisiting the work on a validator tool, and Christine has started prototyping a tool for building registers.

Story Mapping