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Local government

If you work for a local authority and publish or maintain data on one of the land and housing concerns we’re looking at in our projects, we offer guidance and tools that will help you publish the data more easily and accurately. These will both help you comply with your duty to publish and ensure the data is consistent and machine readable.

Our offer to local government

We’re working closely with local government to understand how they work and what their resources and constraints are around collecting, publishing and updating data. With their essential input we’re creating guidance that will help them publish data that complies with required data standards, but without adding to their workload. Our guidance on publishing brownfield site data and developer contributions are 2 examples of this. Before publishing guidance we test it with officers from local government, and continue to improve it based on feedback.

We’re also building digital tools to help local government:

Take a look at these tools and let us know how we can improve them by joining the discussion on our issues pages.