Weeknote — 2019-09-27

This week at Digital Land

With some of the team still seconded to another project, and a few of the team taking well deserved holidays we were fairly light on people in the office this week. However, we did manage to make some good progress!

Developer Contributions

Lorna and Matt met with The Future Fox to talk about the developer contributions data that we're opening up. The Future Fox working to change how communities and local authorities engage with each other. They're interested in using the developer contribution data to help understand community sentiment behind potential infrastructure initiatives.

Brownfield Sites

Jake has been busy collecting a national register of brownfield sites and plotting them onto a map. Through putting the sites onto a map it clearly identifies where there are gaps and errors in the data. As we go through the process of cleaning the data we're hoping to learn where there are opportunities to improve the standard, guidance and validation tools.

Compulsory Purchase Orders

The prototype for exploring compulsory purchase order data is progressing nicely. Colm and Adam have been making some refinements based on some initial feedback, and Lorna has been preparing a research plan ahead of lab testing in October.