A collection of entities of the same type

Field Name Datatype Cardinality
dataset Key Dataset string 1
attribution Attribution text 1
collection Collection string 1
description Description string 1
entity-maximum Entity maximum integer 1
entity-minimum Entity minimum integer 1
github-discussion Github discussion identifier string 1
key-field Key field string 1
licence Licence text 1
name Name string 1
paint-options Paint options json 1
phase Phase string 1
plural Plural name string 1
prefix CURIE prefix string 1
realm Realm string 1
text Text text 1
themes Themes string n
typology Typology string 1
version Version decimal 1
wikidata Wikidata item string 1
wikipedia Wikipedia page string 1
entry-date Entry date datetime 1
start-date Start date datetime 1
end-date End date datetime 1


This dataset belongs to the specification typology.


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